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Shenyang Packaging Co., Ltd. is established in 2000 Shenyang Tianyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. developed a collection of research and development, production, processing, trade in one entity enterprise, main tape semi-finished products, tape masterbatch, tape products, BOPP tape, tape Daquan, the northeast tape, sealing tape, textured paper tape, PVC Electrician tape, cleaning tape, printing tape, warning tape, Burkina Faso, joint paper tape, masking film, plastic tape, Tianyuan tape, Bopp sealing tape masterbatch, Bopp tape masterbatch, translucent tape masterbatch, color tape masterbatch, sealing tape masterbatch, tape mother roll semi-finished products, transparent tape semi-finished products, Transparent tape with Masterbatch and so on. 2013 New Venture Garden production base in Shenyang economic and technological Development zone...

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