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The greenhouse tape pays attention to the raw material madness and triggers a large-scale production
Editor:Tian Tim Yuan Packaging   Pubdate:2019-03-11

  The ecological environment of China's real economy is in a state of turmoil, and a large number of enterprises are caught in the whirlpool of crazy price hikes, struggling and dying. The dominoes have fallen, and the soaring raw materials will surely push prices up! The film continues to skyrocket, and there is money to buy it! ! ! When the company reduces the burden, why come!

  In the past two months, the price hikes in the upstream coal, steel, paper and other industries have been raging. Under the influence of rising transportation costs and limited environmental protection, the fate of the intermediate industrial products has been fatally affected.

 Coking coal price increase of 200%,

 Glass prices rose by 40%,

 Paper prices rose by 30%,

 Aluminum prices rose by 30%,

 Steel prices rose by 30%,

 Stainless steel also surged 40%,

 The freight rate increased by 33.6%.

 The price of the film has increased by 30%, and it will continue to rise. There is still money to buy the goods...


  Take 12u light film, 10u light film as an example, East China, South China, North China, all the lines are in a hurry, can not get the goods! The delivery period is at least 1 month. 12u light film from October 1st to December 10th, at least 2200 yuan / ton. Why is this happening? That is driven by the devil's channel of profit maximization. In the off-season of the film industry, the processing value of thick film is about 1200. After several rounds of paper, coal and other materials, the operating cost of the company has increased a lot, so the processing value of the film has become about 1800, corresponding The thin film processing value also opened the gap. At the same time, in order to obtain more profits, film manufacturers have turned to thicker films because they produce more profit per unit time. Of course, because of the mentality of buying up and not buying down, many film distributors and pre-coated film factories have placed large orders, resulting in 10u light film and 12u film continue to be tight. The Chinese New Year is also a little more than a month. According to the practice of previous years, the logistics will stop shipping on January 15th. Therefore, from now until January 15, the film market will continue to be hot! Stimulated by OPEC and non-OPEC's global production reduction agreement, crude oil and futures will lead to skyrocketing next week, and the feat of 2008 is also very likely. By then, it is the most time to test the suppliers! Destruction may occur!

  In this special industry environment, Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. has ensured high-quality supply by virtue of years of good faith management. At the same time, the downstream dealers abide by the commitments and ship at the agreed price. In the sudden turmoil, the essence of Tiantianyuan's packaging integrity management is reflected, and the trust and praise of the customers are obtained, thus entering a virtuous circle. Tiantian Yuanhui will adhere to the humanity as the foundation in the future growth path, based on quality, and pay attention to environmental protection as its own responsibility, and strive to produce high quality BOPP tape mother roll; tape semi-finished product; BOPP tape; tape finished product and mask film , cleaning tape, electrical tape; insulation pipe PVC pipe tape, white paper aluminum foil, rubber and plastic cloth base, explosion-proof aluminum foil; seam mesh (paper) with series of caulking mesh belt, seam paper tape; textured paper Series of practical textured paper, high-viscosity textured paper, automotive medium-temperature textured paper, exterior wall professional textured paper; cloth base; PVCC warning tape; greenhouse tape. Our company must make a meager effort to turn China's plastics country into a plastic powerhouse, and the plastics industry has successfully transformed and upgraded. This requires us to work hard to develop new technologies and products for the packaging enterprises of Northeast Tape, to integrate with the international market, enhance the strength, and strive to make BOPP tape mother rolls; tape semi-finished products; BOPP tape; tape products to achieve world-class level, Take the northeast tape out of the country and face the world.