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Tape mother roll semi-finished product
Tape mother roll semi-finished product

  Many tape factories specialize in the manufacture of semi-finished tapes, which are then sold to other tape processing plants for processing, and finally the finished products are packaged. The semi-finished products of BOPP tape mainly include various kinds of tapes such as printing tape, transparent tape, semi-finished tape of master tape, and each tape is changed from semi-finished product to finished product.
The general tape is mainly made of polypropylene film (BOPP). We can apply any color tape according to customer's requirements, and then apply pressure sensitive adhesive to dry it into self-adhesive tape. It has high tensile strength. It is light in weight, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly, and prevents the leakage or damage of products during transportation. It is very suitable for general product packaging and various sealing and bonding applications.
  Of course, there are also many tape factories that integrate manufacturing and sales. This type of enterprise is generally large in scale and relatively strong. Tiantianyuan Tape is a tape manufacturer that sells and manufactures one.
  Method for protecting semi-finished product of tape mother roll
(I) Reasonable storage of materials, components, semi-finished products, equipment, etc. at the site shall be protected to avoid loss of quality.
(2) Scientific arrangements for operating procedures, especially for cross-operations, should be reasonable.
(3) Conduct professional moral education for the civilized production of all employees and the protection of semi-finished products of tapes.
(4) Uniform on-site tape semi-finished product protection mark.
(5) Take active and reliable protection measures for finished products and semi-finished products, and implement economic rewards and punishments.
(6) When submitting the test, the buyer and the user should send the correct use and protection instructions for the semi-finished tape to avoid unnecessary quality.
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