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Shenyang Packaging Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ku
Unit Tel: 024-27791135;024-27791136
Fax: 024-27791136
Tel: 15640265666;
18512465588 (Foreign trade)
Factory Address: Shenyang Tiexi Economic and technological development Zone, metallurgy six street 10th
Factory: No. 13-4, Shenyang Sujiatun District Army Day Industrial Park
Tape all black
Tape all black

Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packing Co., Ltd. mainly produces: BOPP mother roll, semi-finished tape, sealing tape, masking tape, printing tape, etc.
   BOPP parent roll conventional specifications: 500mm * 4000m, 980mm * 4000m, 1280mm * 4000mm, (can be customized according to customer requirements), thickness: 35 ~ ~ 70μ
   Color: transparent, beige, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, etc. (can be customized according to customer requirements)
   Printing: LOGO, printing and other color multiple choices, can be customized according to requirements, using computer multi-color printing.
   Uses: Widely used in the packaging of cartons and gifts, building materials, to meet the needs of all types of transportation and express delivery and daily use.
   Tape semi-finished products are widely used in winter clothes, ski clothes, down jackets, sailing suits, diving suits, tents, boat covers, raincoats, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes and other waterproof related series supplies and space suits, air balloons, chemical protective clothing, etc. Gas system products.