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Shenyang Packaging Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ku
Unit Tel: 024-27791135;024-27791136
Fax: 024-27791136
Tel: 15640265666;
18512465588 (Foreign trade)
Factory Address: Shenyang Tiexi Economic and technological development Zone, metallurgy six street 10th
Factory: No. 13-4, Shenyang Sujiatun District Army Day Industrial Park
Tape all green
Tape all green

  Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. mainly produces: Tianyuan tape, color printing tape, BOPP mother roll, semi-finished tape, sealing tape, masking tape, printing tape, cloth base, warning tape, PVC electrical tape, etc.
  The tape is made of high-pressure corona on the basis of the original film of BOPP, and after one surface is roughened, it is coated with glue and then divided into small rolls. It is the tape that we use every day. The tape glue is acrylate glue, also called pressure sensitive glue. The main ingredient is rouge. Rouge is a kind of polymer active substance. The temperature has a certain influence on the molecular activity. The rouge content of the glue directly affects the use of the tape. The initial adhesive force of the normal sealing tape is ≥13. Between the number (steel ball number), the thickness of the tape glue is generally 22 micrometers, which is in line with the standard thickness. For colored tapes, it is convenient for marking and shielding purposes, generally more beige and khaki. The color of the color tape is the color of the glue. The scotch tape is pinched and then pulled open quickly, and the glue on one side can be pulled out to see the purity and transparency of the original film.
  We produce tape models, colors, lengths can be customized according to customer needs, people from all walks of life are welcome to visit and purchase.

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