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Shenyang Packaging Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Ku
Unit Tel: 024-27791135;024-27791136
Fax: 024-27791136
Tel: 15640265666;
18512465588 (Foreign trade)
Factory Address: Shenyang Tiexi Economic and technological development Zone, metallurgy six street 10th
Factory: No. 13-4, Shenyang Sujiatun District Army Day Industrial Park
Tape yellow
Tape yellow

  Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packing Co., Ltd. mainly produces: color printing tape, semi-finished tape, BOPP mother roll, semi-finished tape, sealing tape, masking tape, printing tape, etc.
  High-temperature tape, which is an adhesive tape used in high-temperature working environment. The main tape should be used in the electronic industry. The temperature resistance is usually between 120 and 260 degrees. It is often used for painting, baking leather processing, coating shading and electronic parts. Fixed process, printed circuit board and high temperature processing mask. High temperature tape includes KAPTON high temperature tape; Teflon high temperature tape; high temperature masking tape; PET green high temperature tape; high temperature double sided tape.
  High temperature tape has the following characteristics:
1, not sticky;
2, high temperature resistance, low temperature, long-term use of products up to 260 ° C;
3, corrosion resistance;
4, low friction, wear resistance
5, moisture resistance, high insulation;
  High temperature tape is mainly used for:
1. Insulation cladding of wire and cable industry;
2. Insulating lining of the electric oxygen industry;
3. The surface of the sump roller is covered with the surface of the friction surface of the guide rail. It can be directly attached to all kinds of large planes and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers). It is easy to operate and eliminates the need for professional equipment, special processes and transportation. Restricted to the processing of professional spraying plants.