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Scotch tape semi-finished product
Scotch tape semi-finished product

    The semi-finished product of the transparent tape is made of high-pressure corona on the basis of the original film of BOPP, and the surface of one side is roughened, and then glued, and then divided into small rolls by strips is our daily use tape. The large volume before cutting was a semi-finished product of Scotch tape. It was applied in the United Kingdom and the United States on May 30, 1928, and Drew developed and produced.
    Use: Connect two separate materials together. Tape can be glued because of its adhesion to the surface. The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants. In the nineteenth century, rubber was the main component of adhesives; modern times, various polymers were widely used. Adhesives can stick to things because their own molecules form bonds with the molecules of the object to be joined. This bond can firmly bond the molecules together.
    The composition of the adhesive has various polymers depending on the brand and type. Mainly opp, pvc, pet, pe, etc., the main domestic is bopp.
    Adhesive: The main materials are natural (synthetic) rubber, and Acrylic.