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Printing tape industry chain tape factory holiday schedule released on the 20th before or after the
Editor:Tian Tim Yuan Packaging   Pubdate:2019-03-11

Industry chain weekly:

   n-Butanol: January 6th: The factory price is 6200-6500; the market is Shandong at 6300, East China at 6400-6450, and South China at 6900-7000. January 13: This week's factory is offered twice on Monday and Thursday: Factory: Northeast is at 5800-6000, Shandong at 6000-6100, Jiangsu at 6200. Market is weakly organized: Shandong is at 6000-6100, Jiangsu at 6200-6250, and South China at 6500-6600.

   This week, the butanol plant was lowered with raw materials: the market in the North and East China fell by about 200 yuan, and that in South China was around 400 yuan.

   Propylene: January 6: Shandong at 7820-7950 yuan, Jiangsu at 7800-7880; Northeast 7250-7400. January 13: Shandong at 7550-7620 yuan, Jiangsu at 7450-7500; Northeast 6950-7100.

   In the first half of the year, due to the continuous decline of crude oil and downstream products, the propylene market continued to be sorted down. This week, the decline was around 250-300 yuan. In the second half of the week, under the support of crude oil for two days, Shandong's individual trials reported high. Next week's Spring Festival holiday, driven by downstream concentrated replenishment, the market adjustment space is limited, with a small shock.

   Acrylate: January 6th: mainstream reference price: acrylic 10800-11000 yuan / ton, refined acid 11600-11800 yuan / ton, butyl acrylate 11600-11800 yuan / ton; methyl ester 11200-11600 yuan / ton, B Ester 11500-11800 yuan / ton; isooctyl ester reported 12500-12800 yuan / ton. January 13th: Today, the factory continues to have a single talk mode. The factory's external quotation is heard in the 11650-11900 range, and the low-end and mid-end talks; the secondary market price is 11500-11800, the deposit is low, and the single talk is the main one. Downstream cautious wait and see, the transaction has no obvious improvement. Acrylic reference is at 10,500-10,800 yuan, and the deposit is low.

   Analysis: This week, apart from Wanhua's public offer, the external quotation is stable. However, according to the downstream reaction, the actual transaction price is lower. The quotation is available at 11650-11700-11800-11900-12000. Downstream purchases hesitated, coupled with poor raw material trends, this week's trading talks, next week is expected to gradually stabilize the raw materials, and the demand for replenishment before the downstream festival, the price may be clearer. Demand: The factory currently orders in general, and the downstream of the Spring Festival holiday in January has been on the decline. According to this website, many factories have been on vacation around the 20th, and downstream or ushered in centralized stocking needs?

   Equipment and demand: Yangba acrylate equipment resumed and restarted. Zhejiang Satellite's 160,000-ton acrylic acid and ester plant in Pinghu was scheduled to be overhauled on January 10, 2017. It is expected to be 15 days. Is there a factory in the north in January? The factory controls the insured price to continue! ! ! The acrylic acid and ester plant in the original plant of a factory in East China was relocated in mid-September 2015. It is understood that the acryl and ester plant in the new plant is expected to resume operation in mid-January 2017. Has it finally been restarted after four months? However, it is still necessary to wait and see whether it can be turned on smoothly. At least one week after the production is finished, that is to say, even if it is opened in mid-January, the supply will be at the end of January, so January is not affected much.

   Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packing Co., Ltd., with years of good faith management, guarantees high quality supply. At the same time, the downstream dealers abide by the commitment and ship at the agreed price, which reflects the essence of Tiantianyuan's packaging integrity management, and has won the trust and praise of the customers, thus entering a virtuous circle. Tiantian Yuanhui will adhere to the humanity as the foundation in the future growth path, based on quality, and pay attention to environmental protection as its own responsibility, and strive to produce high quality BOPP tape mother roll; tape semi-finished product; BOPP tape; tape finished product and mask film , cleaning tape, electrical tape; insulation pipe PVC pipe tape, white paper aluminum foil, rubber and plastic cloth base, explosion-proof aluminum foil; seam mesh (paper) with series of caulking mesh belt, seam paper tape; textured paper Series of practical textured paper, high-viscosity textured paper, automotive medium-temperature textured paper, exterior wall professional textured paper; cloth base; PVCC warning tape; greenhouse tape. Our company must make a meager effort to turn China's plastics country into a plastic powerhouse, and the plastics industry has successfully transformed and upgraded. This requires us to work hard to develop new technologies and products for the packaging enterprises of Northeast Tape, to integrate with the international market, enhance the strength, and strive to make BOPP tape mother rolls; tape semi-finished products; BOPP tape; tape products to achieve world-class level, Take the northeast tape out of the country and face the world.

Acrylate opened to the lower channel this week, the current mainstream price is 11500-11800; BOPP declines with PP first, and this week, BOPP thick film negotiation is near 11000-11300 low 11800-11900 yuan, the cost of the tape factory is gradually clear stable.

   Tape master roll: This week, the original film fell first and then rose, the acryl center of gravity continued to go down, the factory talked about a single talk, the trade is not clear, next week, the downstream will be on holiday, the price of acrylate will be clear, the tape mother roll this week high Continue to move closer to the low end. The mainstream price of the North and East China is in the range of 11800-12200 yuan, and there are a small number of sections to negotiate outside. This week, the downstream will start to be on the market, and the merchants will withdraw from the market and wait for the market. In the second half of the week, the original film will be stabilized. Some of the downstream search increases, but the stocking is still hesitant, and the wait-and-see is mostly. The tape factory will enter the peak period of the holiday next week. As the price of raw materials becomes clearer, the price of the original film will rebound and rebound, which is better than the market. It is recommended that after the beginning of the week, after the raw materials are clear, the stock can be stocked.