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Printing tape pays attention to the launch of China Soft Bag Group in Fuzhou Industrial Zone
Editor:Tian Tim Yuan Packaging   Pubdate:2019-03-11

    Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packaging Northeast Tape focuses on China's flexible packaging group Zhongjing Petrochemical's annual output of 1.5 million tons of multi-component polypropylene project, started construction in Fuzhou Jiangyin Industrial Concentration Zone

    On November 20th, China Soft Packaging Group Zhongjing Petrochemical produced 1.5 million tons of multi-component polypropylene project, which was started in Fuzhou Jiangyin Industrial Concentration Zone. The polypropylene plant, which has the largest production capacity in the world, will change the situation that most of the domestic high-quality engineering plastic raw materials rely on imports. The project will be put into operation in 2018 with an annual output value of 18 billion yuan. Products can be widely used in high-end equipment industries such as automobiles and aviation.

    China Flexible Packaging Group is the world's largest manufacturer of BOPP film. In 2012, we seized the opportunity of the state to encourage natural gas imports and internationally to capture natural gas-based technologies. The company entered the upstream heavy chemical industry with a total investment of 25 billion yuan, introduced world-class technology and equipment, and 4 with the Middle East and the United States. The natural gas supplier signed a 10-year supply contract to build a flexible packaging industry chain in Fuzhou, Jiangyin.

    At present, the first set of 500,000 tons/year polypropylene plant has been put into production, and the second set of 500,000 tons/year polypropylene plant is stepping up equipment commissioning and will be put into operation before the Spring Festival next year. The liquid special terminal with annual throughput of 6 million tons will also be put into operation. Used before the end of the year.

    When talking about why the third installation was 10 months earlier than originally planned, Weng Shengjin, Chairman of the Board of China Soft Packaging Group, said: "Fujian Free Trade Zone, Haisi Core Area Construction, and the supply of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. A series of policies to reform and complement the shortcomings and adjust the structure have brought new opportunities for the development of Fujian's industry. After the opening up of Fuzhou New Area has been upgraded to a national strategy, the development environment has been further optimized, which has greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprise investment. We actively adjust the strategy. Accelerate the pace of participating in global industrial cooperation and occupying the international high-end market. The project introduces the world's top 500 companies representing the world's most advanced technology, the Netherlands, and the company's technology package will cost 300 million yuan." To produce propylene, polypropylene, and then to produce BOPP film, we have become the only company in the world with this three-level industrial chain. After the 13th Five-Year project is completed and put into production, the annual output value will exceed 100 billion yuan, which is expected to be in Fujian. Became the top 100 private enterprises in China." Weng Shengjin is full of confidence.

    After the project is fully completed, it can not only meet the demand of BOPP raw materials of ChinaSoft Group, but also effectively alleviate the gap of polypropylene in China. With the approval of Fuzhou New District, the project, as a key project of Fujian Province, will play an important role in promoting the foreign trade and economic cooperation of the Fujian Free Trade Zone and the city's economic growth.

    Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. has reached a good cooperative relationship with Anshan Modern Flexible Packaging Company of China Soft Packaging Group.

    Tiantian Yuanhui will adhere to the humanity as the foundation in the future growth path, based on quality, and pay attention to environmental protection as its own responsibility, and strive to produce high quality BOPP tape mother roll; tape semi-finished product; BOPP tape; tape finished product and mask film , cleaning tape, electrical tape; insulation pipe PVC pipe tape, white paper aluminum foil, rubber and plastic cloth base, explosion-proof aluminum foil; seam mesh (paper) with series of caulking mesh belt, seam paper tape; textured paper Series of practical textured paper, high-viscosity textured paper, automotive medium-temperature textured paper, exterior wall professional textured paper; cloth base; PVCC warning tape; greenhouse tape. Our company must make a meager effort to turn China's plastics country into a plastic powerhouse, and the plastics industry has successfully transformed and upgraded. This requires us to work hard to develop new technologies and products for the packaging enterprises of Northeast Tape, to integrate with the international market, enhance the strength, and strive to make BOPP tape mother rolls; tape semi-finished products; BOPP tape; tape products to achieve world-class level, Take the northeast tape out of the country and face the world.