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Tianyuan tape manufacturer how to prepare new year in the cold winter month
Editor:Tian Tim Yuan Packaging   Pubdate:2019-03-11

  Winter winter, today is the third day of the lunar month, the third day of the third day! It is said that the last three or nine days is the coldest. Yes, in the coldest year of the winter, the Spring Festival of the Lunar New Year is earlier than in previous years. January 27 is New Year's Eve, 30. The 28th is the Spring Festival, and today there are 16 days and a half months from New Year's Eve. As the Spring Festival approaches, the market becomes very quiet.

  Petrochemicals cut prices again this week! Due to the spot price of PP and BOPP in the second half of December and early January, the membrane factory was actively accepting new orders 2 weeks before the Spring Festival, and the price was also lowered. According to this website, most of the domestic large-scale During the Spring Festival of the film factory, most of the installations will not stop, and the department membrane factory will maintain a one-stop situation. Therefore, in the next downstream terminals and traders, they will begin to prepare “new year goods”.

  Due to the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, most terminal factories entered the holiday mode around January 10, and orders were gradually closed. Low- and medium-inventory customers will continue to make up their positions, and some of the resources will continue to be added in the last week before the end of the year. It is expected that the wire drawing will be at 8500-8700 before the festival, and the price of the thick film part of the film factory will be around 10900-10800. Due to the support of some orders in the previous period, the profit margin was limited.

  Today's crude oil closing price plummeted: According to the report of Feisu Plastics crude oil: [US oil fell nearly 4% to a three-week low, US oil wells increased and southern Iraq's oil exports hit record highs and oversued over-supply doubts] WTI February crude oil futures It closed down 2.03 US dollars, down 3.76%, to 51.96 US dollars / barrel, hit a new low since December 16, 2016, and last week recorded a four-week increase. Brent March crude oil futures closed down 2.16 US dollars, down 3.78%, to 54.94 US dollars / barrel, a two-and-a-half-week closing low. The futures market has not been lowered with the periphery, and the steel industry has been de-capacity, eliminating the impact of backward production capacity, soaring. Most of today's PP futures contracts have risen slightly, and the weak position has risen two trading days:

  It is understood that the film factory has already absorbed some of the orders for the Spring Festival and the post-holiday. There are still some shortcomings and orders in hand, and some customers in the downstream wait and see the appropriate amount of replenishment in the successive replenishment. The preparation of “new year” for the second half of this week or the beginning of next week will increase.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the futures market, especially the main contract for PP futures, has slightly decreased in terms of trading volume, but it is not very obvious. As the Spring Festival approaches, the amount of funds and trading volume will be less. As the adjustment progresses from the daily K-line chart, the MACD may be close to 1-2 weeks, especially after the Spring Festival, or there may be a divergence.

  In this special industry environment, Shenyang Tiantianyuan Packaging Co., Ltd. has ensured high-quality supply by virtue of years of good faith management. At the same time, the downstream dealers abide by the commitments and ship at the agreed price. In the sudden turmoil, the essence of Tiantianyuan's packaging integrity management is reflected, and the trust and praise of the customers are obtained, thus entering a virtuous circle. Tiantian Yuanhui will adhere to the humanity as the foundation in the future growth path, based on quality, and pay attention to environmental protection as its own responsibility, and strive to produce high quality BOPP tape mother roll; tape semi-finished product; BOPP tape; tape finished product and mask film , cleaning tape, electrical tape; insulation pipe PVC pipe tape, white paper aluminum foil, rubber and plastic cloth base, explosion-proof aluminum foil; seam mesh (paper) with series of caulking mesh belt, seam paper tape; textured paper Series of practical textured paper, high-viscosity textured paper, automotive medium-temperature textured paper, exterior wall professional textured paper; cloth base; PVCC warning tape; greenhouse tape. Our company must make a meager effort to turn China's plastics country into a plastic powerhouse, and the plastics industry has successfully transformed and upgraded. This requires us to work hard to develop new technologies and products for the packaging enterprises of Northeast Tape, to integrate with the international market, enhance the strength, and strive to make BOPP tape mother rolls; tape semi-finished products; BOPP tape; tape products to achieve world-class level, Take the northeast tape out of the country and face the world.